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What is New Leaf Holistic Healing

New Leaf is a holistic healing centre focused on natural healing.

Our Treatments are enhanced with the use of Mindfulness and meditation.

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My Story

Hi, I am Diane.
My initial interest in Crystal Healing was personal and started at a young age. I started studying to learn more about my small collection of crystals.

I have been practicing with my healing sessions on myself and family members with fantastic results. Having been able to really develop and master my craft cemented the decision to doing this professionally. I feel in this age of stressful lifestyles many people can benefit and improve their lives with my holistic treatments.

Finding crystals around my own garden was the final piece of the puzzle that inspired the concept of 'New Leaf Holistic Healing'.

I opened just before lock-down which helped me in developing my distant healing skills. Lock down also gave me time to add to my healing studies and coaching skills.

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