Welcome to the New Leaf Holistic Healing Blog

Our first blog post is an introduction to our centre and to us. Us being myself and my business partner/Mom. Both myself and Mom will be writing posts as she has great writing skills which fortunately are starting to rub off onto me.

I am a Crystal Healer practicing several other healing modalities as well as coaching women.

As I am sure you are wondering what those other healing modalities are I am simply going to list them as you will be finding out about them in more detail as this blog progresses.

Crystal healing, Goddess coaching for woman, therapeutic art, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Sound Healing, art and colour energy healing, journal therapy and guided meditation.

Jeannette and Diane

My business partner

I am going to be giving you a brief introduction to my amazing business partner aka Mom, Jeannette.

The brains behind New Leaf Holistic Healing Centre and Accounts lady. Any business decisions and financial side is handled by Jeannette. All the written material for blogs/marketing etc. will either be edited or written by Jeannette.

So please note if you find any errors in spelling etc please take the matter up with her. HAHAHA

We are a Holistic Healing Centre with Health and Well-being our main focus and what we are all about. The Centre is here to help you in the best way possible to suit your individual needs.

Our current plan is to write a weekly blog showcasing all our forms of healing which will give you the opportunity to decide which suits you best. We will also be conducting monthly interviews will woman in the health and/or beauty industry. If you would like to be included in this section then please do let us know as we will definitely be interested in hearing about you

I will also delve into what is happening within the healing community and any interesting information that I pick up along the way.

My personal experiences, what my favourite healing modality is at any given time, some of my go to crystals as well as some case studies (these will be completely anonymous).

Any and all developments within our healing centre will also be well documented. If we are doing any upgrades or making the centre look even more amazing or adding any new services as well.

Even though the current plan is for a weekly blog this could change in the future. We feel a weekly post will give us plenty of time to work on great and informative articles for you to enjoy and stay up-to-date with all that is happening with the Healing Centre

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