Have You Experienced the Wonder of Crystal Healing Circles

I haven’t heard of many people talking about crystal healing circles. It’s almost like one of those very well kept secrets. Few know of it and even fewer share it. To be honest I don’t like sharing something that I’ve not tried for myself. This is one of those experiences where you come out of it feeling absolutely wonderful.

What Are Crystal Healing Circles?

Put simply, it’s a circle made up of crystals. It can be amazing to have a small circle of crystals on your desk or bed-side table. On the other hand sitting inside one is out of this world. This was the very first crystal healing treatment that I practiced and perfected.

Amethyst and Sodalite crystal healing circle

How I have made it my own?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great experience as is. As an energy healer I feel that it’s important to trust my intuition. Having a relaxing meditation and sound bath amplifies the experience for me. I have spent time on creating unique guided meditations and a sound bath specially for each healing circle.

I have three different crystal healing circles to choose from Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Sodalite.

Angelic Healing with Amethyst

Amethyst is a very spiritual crystal and is so beautiful in an angelic healing. Connecting to the angels through a guided meditation and sound bath is transformative. If you love angels as much as I do and really want to connect with your angels then this healing may resonate with you. The treatment starts with sitting inside the healing circle surrounded completely by the strong vibrations of the Amethyst crystals. I then lead you into a guided meditation that opens your connection to your angels. During this you may feel very relaxed. I will then go into a sound bath to further relax you as you enjoy your angelic connection.

Experience Self-Love with Rose Quartz

If you can’t love yourself than how could you possible love anyone else? Or for that matter how could anyone even begin to love you as fully as you deserve to be loved?

It can make you feel very uncomfortable to consider loving yourself yet it’s so important. If you can show yourself a little love then your life and relationships with others inevitably improves. Being able to love and respect yourself and set boundaries ensures that others will love and respect you too. This is not to say that you should go out and demand to be loved. Quite the opposite actually. If you love yourself than you don’t need approval and love from others.

Having a guided Self-Love meditation will make you look at life from a new perspective. Feeling comfortable in your own mind and body will reflect outwards. You’ll leave feeling a renewed love for yourself and the world around you. Everyone deserves to be loved.

Boost Confidence and Communicate Skills with Sodalite

Sodalite is the ultimate confidence stone, also known for aiding communication. I have created the perfect guided meditation to give both your communication skills and confidence the boost needed to really enhance your life.

This can be really helpful in both your personal and business lives. Sometimes you just don’t feel as though you are getting your message across or you are going unheard. Perhaps you just need to have that extra edge for an important meeting. Need to communicate with your romantic partner as your relationship is suffering from your lack of communication.

This crystal healing can help in so many aspects of your life.

Do you Need a Crystal Healing Circle Treatment?

Perhaps you feel happy and healthy. This is enough reason to feel that a healing is not necessary but you would be wrong. A crystal healing can amplify your already high vibration. I personally enjoy very regular crystal healing, daily meditation and sound baths. Not because I need them, more for the higher vibrations I experience with them.

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